New York: Long Island Town Wooden Map Wall Plaque

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Unique burnt wooden artwork made from sustainable species of pine lumber that is grown regionally. All wood is milled, ripped, sanded, and joined by skilled craftsmen. Four different environmentally safe waterborne sealers and color paint coatings are used on every piece. In addition, each art piece is unique based on the wood grain profile and the light/dark contrast from the burning process.


  • Made in the USA
  • Made to Order
  • Each Piece is Unique

***Please call 631.237.1250 or email for shipping and delivery information.  Does NOT ship flat rate shipping.



7.25" x 12", 11.25" x 19", 15" x 25.25", 18.75" x 31.5", 22.5" x 38", 30" x 50.5"


Papier Blanc, Lunar Surface, Seaglass, Island Oasis, Woodland Sage, Lilac