Salty Home is known as the place to go for well-priced, unique gifts, housewares, and furniture. What differentiates Salty Home from our competition is our focus on customer service. We believe in offering excellent friendly service. Salty Home will set you at ease and intrigue your artistic side.

Salty Home is a family run store.  We are so grateful to have our parents, Bernie and Carol, here during the spring, summer and fall.  They help tremendously.  Our customers have become great friends and you can often find many hanging out and enjoying each other’s company at Salty Home.

Our design philosophy is: there are no rules.  Run with what you love.  If one needs help to figure what that is or how to put it together, that is what we are here for.  It is our priority to find the most unique items, at incredible prices, that we feel are very special and that we believe in.  It is our goal to create an environment at Salty Home that people can come enjoy, get inspiration, evoke a feeling of bliss.

We are a “hands on” store that we want our customers to come to and feel a part of it.  We love that our customers look forward to see what is new at Salty Home.  We receive deliveries daily.

Salty Home, established in 2005, is located in Bridgehampton, NY.