Sun Hat UPF 50+ (Red Gingham)


BEST SUN HAT! The concept is simple. The inside lining of this hat has been created with a light weight UPF/UV resistant poly fabric (created from recycled water bottles) The fabric was chemically tested at a lab in North Carolina. The hat received a 99.98% UVB rating and a 99.94% UVA rating. We are only allowed to label 50+ however, as you can see the protection is even more qualified. The outside fabric is 100% cotton print or solid denim for a fashionable flair. The combined fabric/weave is extremely effective in providing sun protection.

The hat is perfect for anyone who has had any type of plastic surgery on their face, various skin peels, treatments or even a simple facial. After a treatment the hat covers and protects the raw skin while healing. You can put the hat on immediately when leaving the doctor’s office or spa.

How many times have you been in a situation eating lunch outside, driving, hiking, or even simply walking when the weather started out cloudy and suddenly the sun came out?

This convenient hat is so small and crushable that it can easily fit in your pocketbook, car door side pocket, bicycle basket, golf cart, fanny pack, beach bag, coat pocket and any other easy accessible easy to grab storage spot. So you will always be prepared to cover yourself from the sun when you least expect it. You will never be unprepared again if you are outside and all of a sudden the sun comes out!

The design was created to protect your face, ears and scalp. The hat is foldable, snap adjustable and comes in a pouch.

  • Made in the United States
  • Machine washable
  • Air dry
  • Iron on a low setting
  • Always wear sunscreen!

For every hat sold,  $2.00 is donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation

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